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Little Genius is aimed at improving literacy and numeracy for children aged 3 and 4 years old. When embarking on the Little Genius programme, these children will learn their sounds and numbers before entering school, which puts them at a huge advantage when they start. As we all know, class sizes are so large and teachers are so overworked that the more that is done before children start school the better.

All of our lessons are carried out in a fun and interactive fashion, ensuring that the children are maximising their potential. Our Little Genius learners aren’t even aware that they are learning – they think that they are playing games!


Get your child ahead for starting school

We have recently expanded to include Mathematics and English Language Workshops, as the demand from parents became overwhelming. There are so many children needing a little extra help and support, as well as very smart and able children needing that little extra push which they so desire. Whether your child is very able or struggling, our lessons are aimed to raise attainment in a fun and stimulating way, thus making confident learners.

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It is with great sadness I have to write this.....

We at Little Genius support ALL children, we DO NOT support AGGRESSIVE OR VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR...

Over the weekend disgruntled parents who could not accept the fact their child's behaviour and aggressive and violent outbursts during classes were something we would not tolerate in our classes. AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM BEING AUTISTIC.

They have taken it to social media-posting their nasty reviews (which THEY have now removed and shut their Facebook account, though I'm sure many of you saw) on public groups to be shared and discussed, clearly trying to damage our Business and my personal character. There is a photograph of me and slanderous remarks about the Business and also personal attacks on my character. Needless to say they only shared their review and not my response...

For anyone who knows me or anything about our classes they know how passionate I am about what we do and how many children we help each week! This has absolutely disgusted me as they are using the label of Autism and insinuating we are discriminating. I want to make 1 thing crystal clear! WE CATER TO ALL CHILDREN PROVIDED THEY ARE NOT VIOLENT OR AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS OUR CHILDREN AND STAFF.

We are not a government nursery and we do not have to tolerate this behaviour! We are a small tutoring company, we teach Maths and Language. THAT IS WHAT WE DO!

The matter is now in the hands of our lawyers as this is simply disgusting and completely shocking behaviour. Such a sad day when someone finds this acceptable behaviour 😔

On a positive note this is one of our fabulous Autistic mums review about her son who has been coming for 2 years 💙.

Ashley X
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100% of our children start school reading

Our original Little Genius children are on average 2 years ahead of their peers in P2